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Sakshi & Sambhav – Prewedding shoot Mumbai

Here’s a glimpse from a very much Mumbaikar prewedding shoot of a non-Mumbaikar couple (love for Mumbai will bite you sooner or later).

This techie couple was feeling lucky when they met at Google where they instantly caught signals and connected to each other’s Network. Then development started – chatting turned to hangout, hangout upgraded to Duo and their feelings translated to love. They found perfect one out of millions without even Search. They are soon signing up for a joint venture… But before that, they took a back up of memories with none other than Pixelsstories…Smart choice by truly intelligent couple 🙂

Sakashi- Sambhav-prewedding-mumbai 4

Sakashi- Sambhav-prewedding-mumbai 5

best candid photography mumbai

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Best candid photography 105

Sakashi- Sambhav-prewedding-mumbai

Sakashi- Sambhav-prewedding-mumbai 2

Sakashi- Sambhav-prewedding-mumbai 1


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