Divya & Arjun – conflux of cultures

It’s difficult to comprehend how two people from different communities, cultures, and backgrounds can have so much in common. Divya & Arjun met each other at a party through a common friend where they happen to play a game. Being two of the most notorious people in the room, they immediately connected. Who would have known they would be dancing together at their wedding party a few years later.

Destiny has its ways to bring the one for you to your life.”

They were from diverse backgrounds but wanted similar things in life. They both have a passion for travel and somehow all their plans were incomplete without the other. Apart from them, everyone knew how perfect they are together. They took a lot of time to finally commit that they have found an ultimate companion for each journey of life.
These adventure lovers had a wedding to match. They had an overwhelming Court-marriage ceremony, a Bollywood style pool party, Punjabi Tashan Barat and authentic Catholic wedding vows…

Divya & Arjun are two of the most sporty people we ever shot. The best part is I felt as if I am an old friend who’s job is to document all perfect moments while my friends are getting hitched.







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