About PixelsStories

“It is almost impossible, putting emotions in right words, so we let our photographs do the same.”

We are a group of young, energetic and passionate photography enthusiasts. Photography for us is not just about precision and image quality, it’s about making pixel come together to depict a story of their own. We believe there are three ingredients to perfect photograph – Technology, Skill and perspective, while first two are fundamentals; our perspective is what sets us apart. Our team of highly talented photographers, videographers and cinematographers ensure that we deliver best results every time.

We love our job of capturing magical moments which gets frozen in time forever, that’s the reason we unroll our photography to all the ceremonious and delightful avenues of life like -destination wedding, pre-wedding, Portraits and much more. Our endeavour is to capture all those mesmerising emotions while you enjoy being in the moment with your loved ones.

We are passionate about putting all pixels of memories and feelings together in all its vibrancy and finesse and create an excellent souvenir exclusively for you. So that every time you visit that memory lane, you can relive those special moments. This passion drives us to fly, drive, ride across the world. Our biggest achievement is to see that smile on clients face when we share upshot with them.

We will be honoured to work with you and share your beautiful story.